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Waterwells Primary Academy


School meals

Nut free zone

To keep children with nut allergies safe, our school meals are ‘nut free’ and we ask parents who send in snacks and packed lunches to avoid nuts and food containing nuts.  In particular, the following must not be sent into school in packed lunches: 

  • Packs of nuts
  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts
  • Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts
  • Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction to sesame)
  • Cakes made with nuts

Items which ‘may contain nuts’ (i.e. there could have been cross contamination, but nuts are not an ingredient) are acceptable, but please be cautious.   

If your child has any allergens then you can view our policy here: (ref: 1-017)

Free School Meals - why should I apply?

Please note: this is different to Universal free school meals UIFSM (see below).

For every child that is entitled to free school meals the school receives extra funding to enhance provision and improve progress and outcomes for children. So please apply (using the link below) even if you do not think that you may be eligible.

You can apply no matter what Class/Year group your child is in. It takes just 5 minutes and can be worth so much to you, your child and the school to have funding for enhanced provision.

Thank you.

Please apply for Free School meals by following this link:

Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) Reception and Year 1/2 - KS1 Classes

This is a government backed scheme that entitles all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (KS1) pupils to a free hot lunchtime meal during school term time. Even if your child is in this age group please consider applying for FSM (See above) as successful applications gives the school extra funding to enhance education and your child  could possibly receive  free meals from Year 3 onwards.

KS2 (Year 3-6) pupil meals

KS2 children (Years 3-6) can also have hot dinners which are excellent value (see our charges and remissons policy (ref: 1-012) for the current rate. The current cost will also be on your ParentPay portal where you need to logon to top up your account. Please note that your account needs to be in credit  before the meal is provided.

Please click the link below to view our current menu. Please advise us if your child has any food allergies.

Reception Classes: We request that you complete a ‘choices’ form when your child starts school in Reception so that our catering staff can accurately predict daily dinner numbers for the first term.

Years 1-6 Classes: Will be able to choose on the day what they would like to have from the choices available on the menu. After October half term Reception children will also be able to choose on the day.

Packed lunches should be clearly named and brought in a sealed lunch box, with drinks in a screw-top plastic flask. Please provide a spoon if the lunch includes a yogurt. Sweets, chocolate, nuts and fizzy drinks are not allowed.  Drinks should be in a carton or plastic container.

We run a staggered lunchtime depending on the year group. All lunches are eaten in the school hall. Please note that bottles or cans of fizzy drink, sweets, chewing gum etc. are not permitted in school.

Healthy snacks

Our school is part of the Government-funded School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme, which provides a free daily portion of fruit to all Reception and KS1 children. Different fruit is provided each day, e.g. apples, pears, carrots, bananas, oranges and tomatoes, depending on the season.

Healthy snacks (a piece of fruit, vegetables or a cereal bar) can be brought in by KS2 pupils to eat at break time.

Please provide information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that your child has.

Children may have a NAMED bottle of plain water to drink in class throughout the day, and they will have access to water throughout the day.

In Reception, children are also offered a drink of milk (up to the age of five). If you would still like your child to receive milk, once they turn five you can arrange and pay for this via the Cool Milk website: