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Waterwells Primary Academy

Our Staff

I’m delighted to welcome you to the school. I have the greatest pleasure in spearheading this team of experienced and professional staff who provide your children, our pupils, with an outstanding education on all levels. Our pupils, learn from the best - from our inspirational teachers with a genuine passion for teaching to our staff that support these teachers and ensure that the school is safe and secure. Everyone in the team is key to ensuring that your children receive the best education in a nurturing and safe environment allowing them to learn and grow as individuals.

Mrs Rawlings

Senior Leadership

Head of School: Mrs Rawlings
Assistant Head of School: (Pre-School, Reception, Years 1 & 2) Mrs McKerrow
Assistant Head of School: (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) Mrs Ralley
SENDCo: Mrs Burgess

Staff Allocations

Whilst classroom teacher allocations are normally fixed for the current academic year, due to the varying nature of classroom needs and current funding, our teaching partners do sometimes move between classes, as and when extra provision is needed. Therefore the distribution of our teaching partners should only be used as a guide to our additional classroom support. 

Reception Classes

Robin Class Teacher: Mrs Browning
Wren Class Teacher: Miss Dangerfield
Shared Teaching Partner: Mrs Stenner

Year 1 Classes

Penguin Class Teacher: Ms Donovan
Puffin Class Teacher: Miss Stockwell
Shared Teaching Partner: Miss Milliner

Year 2 Classes

Flamingo Class Teacher: Miss Welsh
Kingfisher Class Teacher: Mrs Buckley
Shared Teaching Partner: Mr Hudd

Year 3 Classes

Crane Class Teacher: Miss Vousden
Crane Teaching Partner: Mrs Ellis

Heron Class Teachers: Miss Chapman
Heron Teaching Partner: Mrs Parker

Year 4 Classes

Raven Class Teacher: Miss Brown
Raven Teaching Partner: Mrs Iles

Starling Class Teacher: Mrs Woodruff / Miss Grace
Starling Teaching Partner: Mrs Morris

Year 5 Classes

Skylark Class Teacher: Mrs Darke
Swift Class Teacher: Mr Cutler
Shared Teaching Partner: Mrs Franks

Year 6 Classes

Eagle Class Teacher: Mrs Bingham
Owl Class Teacher: Miss Dando
Shared Teaching Partner: Mrs Fryer

Pre School

Pre School Lead: Mrs Dallimore
Pre School Partner: Mrs Chambers

School Specialist Support Staff

SENDCo: Mrs Burgess
Learning Support Officer: Ms Salisury
Nurture Partner: Mrs Hipkins
School Administrator: Mrs Penswick

Kitchen & Dining Staff

Head Cook: Miss George
Assistant Cook: Mrs Kubaszcyk
Kitchen Assistant: Miss Orefice

School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Walters
School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Leader
School Meal Supervisor Assistant: Mrs Sidorowicz


The cleaning operation of our school is currently contracted out.