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Waterwells Primary Academy

Vision and Values

Our vision

The strategic aims are as follows:

  • To develop the self-esteem of all members of our academies so that they are prepared to accept the life challenges which they may face.
  • To be inclusive – we welcome all children and provide challenging educational experiences for each individual.
  • To help each individual to strive to reach his/her full potential through the provision of a motivating and relevant curriculum.
  • To provide an interesting and stimulating environment which reflects the cultural diversity of the school and its community.
  • To provide an atmosphere where learning can be fun for all concerned and appreciated as a worthwhile activity in its own right, not just a means to an end and goes beyond the confines of school.
  • To help each individual to strive to reach their full potential through the provision of a motivating and relevant curriculum.
  • To provide a welcoming atmosphere based on positive relationships, where everyone is valued, discrimination is challenged and not accepted.
  • To secure value for money through the economic, efficient and effective use of the resources it deploys in order to achieve the aims above.

Our learning attitudes:






  • Believe we can all ‘be the BEST we can be’
  • Believe and trust in yourself and others
  • Believe things can always be improved
  • Believe that every child and adult makes a positive contribution.




  • Engage with school development positively
  • Engage effectively with all staff teams across the MAT
  • Proactively engage with our communities
  • Engage with other professionals and be outward-facing to improve practice for our children.


  • Be solution focused when facing challenges
  • Expect everyone to achieve and enjoy all aspects of school life
  • Have high expectations and aspirations for all
  • Demonstrate personal and professional integrity.



  • Embrace and persevere with new initiatives and procedures
  • Demonstrate determination and resilience when faced with challenges
  • Reflect to bring about improvement
  • Give your BEST.

Our school values:

Be Kind

When we are kind we…

  • are thoughtful and supportive towards others
  • understand the wellbeing of others
  • demonstrate emotional intelligence
  • listen to others
  • choose our words carefully. (THINK)

Be Honest

When we are honest we…

  • are truthful
  • give constructive feedback
  • ask for support
  • recognise strengths and limitations
  • have courageous conversations.



Be Responsible

When we act responsibly we…

  • look after our environment and everything in it
  • are responsible for our own actions
  • lead effectively
  • accept our mistakes
  • manage our workload

Be Respectful

When we show respect we…

  • develop positive relationships
  • value opinions and differences
  • actively listen
  • share
  • uphold self-respect.